Monday, April 21, 2008

Stewards of Humanity

"We have been planting in you the seeds of light - since the beginning."

The Time^Traveller discovers and validates their own coherence through interactions with The Guided Ones. The birth of the child, and of every child on earth, knows the presence of the guided ones. They planted their seeds of light within the fragile soul, and they watch their gardens grow. Gardens of light, protected by darkness. The most powerful force, the twin of the light, protects the gardens of the guided ones. People fear them, because in the darkness they appear so bright.

The unknown [darkness] is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. Without darkness [the unknown] the light is without protection. It is the neutral darkness [the twin of the light] that decides who passes through into the light. Light and dark are one. The illusion of the darkness of mind is a powerful filter, guardian, protector.

Those who fear the darkness fear their own reflection - mirrored back to them as light. We see ourselves [as we are] mirrored back in the cosmic reflection of black obsidian. The enlightened ones have no enemies, because the enemies of the light are opposing their own self-image.

The presence of the Stewards of Humanity is as old [even older] than the universe itself. They plant the seeds of light - allowing us to travel in and beyond time. Either the flame of compassion grows or it does not grow. The Guardians return from time to time to observe which seeds grow towards the light, and which seeds wither and die in the deserts of sorrow.

Coherent Time^Travellers focus their intelligence within, while having a powerful sense of compassion for all living things. Even the Earth itself will die, at some natural point, for the earth [like us] is a living being of light. Love for the earth is love for oneself. We are indivisible. Time^Travellers know that one day [in the future] we may meet the soul of the earth face to face, as we travel thought cosmos. When old friends meet respect is the signature we use to identify each other.