Saturday, April 5, 2008

Planetary Evolution

Time^Travellers live to preserve the surrounding natural environment, as they have millions of years awareness across the dimensions in understanding the spirit of planetary evolution. Once you have journeyed across the void, you see how other humanoid species live in different dimensions across the planes of existence. Incarnation and reincarnation are not a terms conscious Time^Travellers would use to describe their journey through cosmos. Time^Travellers morph through zones of consciousness from lifetime to lifetime. The mind of an independent Time^Traveller is capable of seeing through the veil of time and space, and of understanding what they see.

The physical and energetic (magnetic) resonance of planetary existence is the ground upon which Time^Travellers morph and change as they make their journey through this universe. Destruction of the physical environment damages the potential for emerging Time^Travel spirits. Independent Time^Travellers work to preserve and harmonise the physical and magnetic environment. Once you become aware that your journey spans across the mysterious evolution of the planets you inhabit, then you appreciate the environment - your future. No environment equals no future.

The whole history of independent Time^Travel has been buried under the sands (the desert) of world religions. However, even in the desert animals and plants adapt and live. Hidden artifacts and tablets of knowing remain hidden beneath pyramids and sacred megalithic structures all over the world. Earth humans have the capacity to explore the universe, but the requirements to do so are a shift into applied sacred spiritual enlightenment. Time^Travellers know that by taking care of the planets ecology one takes care of the future.