Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Heron - Bennu

The independent Time^Traveller must find a way to remain detached from the complex energy draining dramas compiling the library of programmed human behaviour loosely known as relationships. In higher terms all of life is relationship, moment by moment. The human drama described as relationship is rather messy and non-coherent. Based on ego-thought I want, human interactions often dissipate in a crisis of negative energy bursts rather than being an experience of HEART centered ONENESS of being.

Heart felt compassion is the skill of seeing beyond the daily noise of the drama of human existence, and expressing that deeper understanding as a field of awareness. The inner awareness of the independent Time^Traveller protects the heart energetic coherence vital to the cohesion of spirit and our deeper soul-journey through life.

Earth based dramas grow from a confusing pouring of immature spirit (I want) flowing into the stored genetic memory of human existence. If the spirit is unable to create fluid inner discipline true to heart based coherence, then all experience becomes a chaotic mix of DNA patterns and spirit (past life) attachments. In reality there is no PAST there is only the ATTACHMENT.

To the independent Time^Traveller LIFE is like a river. The attachments of the past, present and future co-exist NOW - in this moment - each moment. The independent Time^Traveller learns to side-step the attachments and live in the now.

Patterns of behaviour form from attachments, and these thought forms are faithfully recorded within the genetic memory of mankind. DNA is the interface aligning consciousness and stored patterns. When the Time^Travel spirit renews the coherent energy signal all illusion of self falls into the abyss of TIME (illusion). We create it and we undo that which we created.

The Bennu bird serves as the Egyptian correspondence to the phoenix, and is said to be the soul of the Sun-God Ra.

The visionary perception of the independent Time^Traveller knows the physical and non-physical planes equally. The physical heron also has a spirit (archetypal) co-creator. Both the physical DNA and the spirit (archetypal) DNA co-exist and both are interrelated. The archetypal (spirit) heron is as real as the physical heron.

As the sun fell below the horizon and darkness spread amongst the early summer trees, the grey heron sent out a piercing cry as it flew silently across the night sky. The heron is the sign for enduring patience. Events unfold like water flowing across the surface of the earth, but the heron remains poised, watching, observing, in touch with the flow of energy beyond comprehension.

The independent Time^Traveller knows that the heron is the master of TIME. When a heron cries out the effects can last many years. In some cases many lifetimes. Being aware of this fact the Time^Traveller remains centerd within the HEART, just as the heron remains centered in KNOWING.