Sunday, May 11, 2008

Universal Crow's Nest

High above the human town the crows had built a nest of twigs on the lowest part of the steeple. A thin metal snow fence drew a subtle line between the grey slates covering the tall steeple, and the black crows (loved by the Celts) woved tree resonance between metal and stone.

Time^Travellers see ancient truths in present harmonic cultural interactions.

When the human mind looks up at the crow's nest (from below) they see birds flying on air currents with unseen chicks hidden in an ancient fabric of woven bird-trees. When the independent Time^Traveller looks at the wings of crows on magnetic winds, they see nests within nests, chicks within chicks and their own birth and death [beyond time] - dividing the illusion of space.

Two chicks flying from the nest merge with four chicks flying from the nest, and then we must not forget the one chick who survived the cold extended rains of May 2007. When eyes look up at the nest in 2008, the sky is an intense blue and the air is hot. The crow parents swoop down from the nest searching for food as the heat intensifies.

And as you watch, the eyes of your own ancestors look down upon you within the nest. The twigs from the trees are woven into your own mind and the steeple is the plumb line connecting your mind with your heart. In this way the coherent Time^Traveller remembers who they are and why they are here.