Monday, May 19, 2008

Time^Travel Integrity

The awakened Time^Traveller is aware that life moves in cycles, and that planetary cycles are part of the greater spirit world cycles (of which we are a part). Seen through the eyes of the general masses the ending and beginning of these cycles generate fear and a growing panic as the exterior world seems to offer little continuity. The focus is generally one of external survival through an external experience.

During cyclical shifts in space-time independent Time^Travellers are aware of the need of an essential focus on inner frequancies, rather than focus outside, fearful of events. Integrity, honesty and heart felt alignment to truth are far more important to the earth based experience of transition zones, and outer events are secondary to these inner frequencies.

There is a tendancy for corrupt, self serving individuals, to fragment and increase their negative behaviour in times of great change. Fear is magnified, as is the desire to create even greater fragmentation, due to a self serving environment. However, the Time^Traveller uses this time to increase vibrations of goodness, integrity and compassion. The outer planetary changes are a background for the more powerful inner consciousness shifts related to the spirit world.