Friday, March 27, 2009

Futures Lost

When studying The Earth Chronicles: 311-2011 [Archaic Declination], apprentice T^Travellers begin with primary focus on the Futures Lost series of accounts. A difficult area of study open only to direct contact through the most profound Time^Travellers. The difficulty being that time lines lost are hazardous journeys due to the zero factor of their sustainability. These areas of research and travel can be both disturbing and counter productive, if the traveller does not know what they are doing.

The original Lemurian Masters broke new ground, and everything done after followed the lines and structure set out by these T^T masters as they designed and created ways for the Earth Human mind to interact and navigate the mysteries of the unknown universe.

EquinoxT^2012 students were able to observe (in relative safety) the flux and variations that create a successful time line variation, or factors that destroy and send other variations into the zone we later called Futures Lost. The 2009 Equinox Mount Redoubt eruptions were one such factor, allowing Time^Travellers to review their lineage and understand the process that allows an emerging future to continue its growth cycle, rather than face destruction.

During the March Equinox eruptions in Alaska, the essential factor that prevented catastrophic events to unfold was intelligent cooperation and harmony with forces that benefit mankind. Time lines who did not make this basic contact and commitment, received no help. Their destructive decline was cataclysmic as well as energetic, and they serve as a sobering marker to the dangers of navigating reality cycles using bad intent.

Shifting locality and observing ones own alternative broken down self struggling for survival in a Futures Lost zone requires Zen like balance and an impeccable nature. Generally, only advanced Time^Travel students are capable of reviewing the nature of fractured time lines. Time^Travellers with a powerful Buddha like nature can observe fractured lines to the very end of their existence. They do this for reasons yet unknown.

As Nordic and Lemurian crafts attempted to work the time distortion field cycles appearing above key volcanoes, international ground bases cooperated in protecting their allies. Within the earth frequency Draco reptilian forces attempted to destroy an essential element protecting the EquinoxT^2012 time line: Heart felt love.

Reviewing the determination and courage our ancestors showed in creating our EquinoxT^2012 future, is always a powerful experience for Earth Chronicle students of this period. Future generations were able to remove fourth dimensional Draco entity intrusion into third dimensional space, by eliminating genetic parasitic frequencies from human DNA. Removal of the trojan parasitic sequences finally closed the door to a massive energy drain effecting humans on earth.

The active antidote to parasitic intrusions during EquinoxT^2012 was a masterful manifestation of love rippling across the planet at a time the earth needed it most. Masters of reality created quantum strings of turbulence, that effect our resonant time field even in our future age. The vortex turbulence defeating the parasitic intruders at a key time in earth's development encoded orgone radiant love strings into human DNA strands. [The Earth Chronicles: 311-2011]