Saturday, July 2, 2011

Entities of Fear

To gain control of the Earth and control of the human Earth populations the "Entities of Fear" spread their intoxication among the different races over thousands of years. Fear did two things to the minds of people infected with this manipulation:

1. It caused psychological sickness in people.
2. It caused physical illness in people.

The psychological Arrogance of Fear
Really the people who fear most are the people who are only out for themselves. The fear takes root in these people, because they are enslaved to the petty ego. Well, the reason is simple... That is, the petty ego makes itself out to be a big fat powerful greedy arrogant get-what-it-can-get type of 'protector'.

Protector! You say!
Yes, 'protector' - the petty ego serves to protect the selfish fearful little human who wants so much and does not know how to get it all. Pay close attention! The key to the psychology of protection is 'fear'. Your fear comes from wanting. Your fear leads to greed. Your greed leads to fear that you cannot easily get what you want and the ego tells you: I will help you get it no matter what...

The psychology of fear is a strange selfish arrogance fed by the petty little ego of the self. Where 'protection' is that the ego will help you to get what you want and therefore add fuel to the fire of your fears.

Add fuel to the fire! You say!
Yes, the petty ego feeds your wants and desires - and what you want never ends .. the more you get the more you want .. the more you want the more you get. This is rooted in an inner sense of starvation. Your wants are the wooden sticks to build the fire and fear is the fuel that lights those sticks. The 'Entities' are the match that lights the fire.

Most human populations are trapped in psychological fear.

The physical illness of fear
Psychological illness generates physical illness out of 'ectoplasmic pollution'. When humans are strong enough to see through the psychological restrictions created out of fear (ego), they are attacked by the Entities of Fear [who themselves fear those humans].

This is why the original spiritual teachings of the Ancestors (before religion) taught their apprentices about the true nature of energy.

The Entities of Fear will attack anyone who sees through the illusion of ego (fear) and moves outside of their petty control. Imagine fear as a doorway to a passageway. If you walk through the door you enter the passageway and move beyond fear.

The door to the passageway is where the Entities of Fear hang out big time. They cannot pass through that door as they are a personification of the energy of fear. If the Entities of Fear pass through that door they cease to exist. That is what they are afraid of... Therefore, they can never pass through.

Human beings can pass through the doorway, enter the passageway and go through into another state of mind (another realm). This is what the Ancient Ones taught Earth humans before organised religions began serving people's minds up to the Entities of Fear.

The Entities of Fear began attacking people who pass through that doorway and who might change things on Earth. These people might change the vibration and a lot of dumb humans may begin to see through the illusion and just pick up the courage to go through the inner door into the passageway of their own light (inner wisdom).

The Entities of Fear
It's a bit like a mosquito .. the Entities of fear seek to penetrate the energetic immune system of people who see through the illusion of ego and make those people physically (energetically) sick. The way they do it is that they inject the ectoplasm [the psychological disturbance] of the people hanging round the doorway in all their various states of 'wanting', which is fear.

The Entities of Fear mostly do this through large social gatherings called 'entertainment' or 'fun' or 'festival' or 'circus' - which is a general gathering of self-indulgence of the petty ego.

These petty gatherings of self-indulgence of the ego create a toxic ectoplasmic pollution. You gather the biggest crowd of idiots into the smallest space and inject psychological illness of the ego into that dense ectoplasmic energy. They have been doing this for centuries. The biggest entity based 'entertainment' being 'holidays' and the New Year. Extreme fasting or collective suffering has the same effect.

The real reason for wars are to make healthy people sick!

Beyond The Illusion of Fear
There is a state beyond fear, beyond ego, beyond service-to-self - in which the spirit reigns supreme and the Entities of Fear dare not tread. The doorway/passageway is October/November 2011... At that point a gradual separation of the wheat from the chaff will take place.

The wheat grains will fall onto a new Earth and sprout while the chaff will return into the cycle from which they have just come. Another round of 36,000 years sitting at the door of fear with the Entities that form from the minds of those who are in fear. [It does not get more complicated than that].

Fear is selfishness and selfishness is fear.

The doorway is always truth... The passageway is oneself...
To oneself be true!