Monday, November 12, 2012

A Three Dimensional Symbol

Hands thrust deep in my trouser pockets .. I walk into town.

The sky overhead is a bleak, depressing and oppressive grey. My jacket is too light for this uncomfortable, water-filled, icy cold air. I keep my hands deep in my pockets .. as I walk...

I tried to imagine how the Tibetans had kept warm .. over thousands of years .. in those high [but cold] mountain sanctuaries. I tried to go back in time and remember how one keeps warm in a cold environment.

Instead .. my mind began to wander.

Shoulders hunched, I keep my hands deep in my pockets as my mind wanders off to some other world of three dimensional symbols.

It began with the Mother Board .. I take apart computers [in this life] .. but I see a kind of Zen in all things. The motherboard came to me in that moment.

The motherboard .. built into every human .. mitochondrial DNA called Eve. Scientists say they can trace the mother, but not the father of each dynamic string of humans. What do they mean they cannot trace the father? Not much has changed in a billion years...

If there is a motherboard, there has to be a fatherboard. Both have to exist inside the human being. I did not notice the biting cold air as I reasoned the enigmatic existence of the fatherboard.

This makes no sense, I thought!

Where there is a mother there has to be a father. Chicken or the egg .. which came first? The mother cannot exist without the father and the father cannot exist without the mother. Still science says that the father is hard to identify.

The child cannot exist without father and mother . . . but the mother also cannot exist without the father and the father cannot exist without the mother. The fatherboard and the motherboard are equally necessary for the human computer to run.

Perhaps men have a more dominant fatherboard while women have a more dominant motherboard? But, it may not always work out like that... Both forces have to work in harmony inside the human being or balance is lost. Yin and Yang .. the Tao.

A Three Dimensional Symbol
I no longer notice the cold .. my shoulders are relaxed as I gaze down at the path ahead. Step by step, I look .. but, I do not see the outer path. All I see is the inner path.

Fatherboard and motherboard are balanced in harmony inside me.

I am a three dimensional symbol painted onto the canvas of life. The male and female force work in harmony to keep me healthy and alive. The brush draws ink onto paper...

It is said that when the sage of Calligraphy .. Wang Xizhi's brush touched paper .. his student's became enlightened.

The form ... paper, brush and ink .. create a one dimensional symbol. While, the Master's brush creates a two dimensional form on paper. I keep walking .. not noticing my hands.

I look ahead, without seeing.

I keep walking, as the path shows me I am a three dimensional symbol.

Who then .. is the artist?