Friday, November 23, 2012

The Dimensions

In this way, all dimensions from the first dimension to the thirteenth dimension .. and beyond .. could communicate.

Master .. teach me!

"Draw me a multi-dimensional face!" said the Master.

I drew the face...

"Did you do the research on the dimensions?" asked the one dimensional face.

"Yes! I did the research..."

"So, what did you find?"

"They don't understand." I replied.

"Are you a scientists? A mathematician?" asked the one dimensional face.

"No! I am not a scientist. I am not a mathematician." I said.

"So, how can you begin to understand what I teach?" asked the Master.

"I mean .. who are you .. little human?"

"I am an Artist." I said.

There was a long silence.

The one dimensional face looked at me without moving.

"You are an Artist!" said the Master.

Is this the drawing of the dimensions I asked you to do?"

"Yes!!" I answered, sheepishly.

BAM !!!

"What did you just do to my drawing ???" I screamed.

"Yes! I see you are an Artist," said the Master. "I simply made a shift in the perceived dimensions."

"Color .. light .. and form are all part of the same dynamic. In this way, your three dimensional form can express conscious awareness through the first, the second and the third dimensions."

"The beauty of the dimensions is that they cannot be separated .. split or divided." said the one dimensional face.

"The first dimension .. is part of the second dimension .. is part of the third dimension .. is part of the fourth dimension..." said the Master.

I looked back at the two drawings. They are both the same .. but different. Color and form are not superior to frequency .. but they harmonize within an infinitely balanced whole. The key is balance!

"Is balance .. understanding?" I asked.

"Exchange..." said the Master, "balance is the art of exchange."