Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Artist

"You think you are so clever! Don't you!"

"Duh! Who said that?" I turned to look away from the computer.

"...So superior!"

Oh! Man! Now I am hearing things! I looked around the room.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! .. You idiot!"

I am sitting here, peacefully studying on the computer .. focused on my screen .. and suddenly, I am hearing strange voices from nowhere... Coming out of the Aether...

"Voices from nowhere! Ha haha ha ha .. "

"Open your mind !!"

I slowly turned my head to the face at the window. How did that face get there? Am I dreaming ??

"How did I get here?" the face replied, "how did you get here, you mean."

Leaning against the rooted ginger plant, under the leaves of the potted sweet chestnut was a singular face. A one dimensional drawing on paper.

"How did you get into my apartment?" I asked.

How stupid of me, I felt like a fool talking to a one dimensional drawing on paper. I really must be dreaming .. but when will I waken up?

"Ha .. ha .. haha! So, I am a one dimensional drawing!"

"How did you get into my apartment?"

"The same way you got in," said the face.

The Three Dimensional Human
I leaned back against my chair and looked more carefully at the face. Fragile lines .. static and unmoving .. and yet they were not so static. Something in them was moving .. unseen .. undirected .. called Art.

"Who drew you?" I asked, "who is the Artist?"

"The same who created you," said the face.

"But! I am human... " I said.

There was silence.

In that moment .. it was as though all the dimensions came together as one. My mind drifted to another time and space. I recalled a strange dream . . . so long ago. A dream I never really understood.

In the dream I was a one dimensional form moving with all other life forms on a living canvas of creation. Color was life and life was color. Movement was color. There was no form and yet we were primary forms. We were the building blocks of life.

I looked at the face and I saw myself.

"Who created us?" I asked, "who is the Artist?"

The lines of the face merged with the paper as the colors merged with my mind. The green chestnut leaves merged with the tall ginger stalks as the light entered the window.

The glass of the window merged with the grey clouds as the light bled through all things. Into my mind. Through the paper. Onto the glass. Structuring the leaves. Giving form to life.

The signature of the Artist was in the structure and color of the leaves .. was inscribed inside my heart. The signature was evident in the colors. In the light. Within the form and within the formless.

The three dimensions of my human form were designed using the first and second dimensions. The fourth dimension was designed using the first, the second and the third dimensions.

In this way, all dimensions from the first dimension to the thirteenth dimension .. and beyond .. could communicate.