Monday, January 28, 2008

Inner Smile

The accomplished Time Traveller learns and applies the most ancient wisdom of Inner Smile. The time marker for the applied quantum physics of Inner Smile Meditation to the T^Traveller is time itself.

What is time?

Time is movement!

What is movement?

When you [as a spirit] are born into your body lifetime after lifetime, there has to be a state of reference. Perhaps you are born on a planet diametrically opposed to the way things happen on plant earth. How then can there be a point of reference connecting you to the frequency and dimension of a totally different lifetime experience?

The connection is Inner Smile!

The ancient ones encoded a series of bridges across time and space, an internal navigation system for the spirit/soul... This was also known in Taoist practice as The Way. It was also know in Celtic and Gaulish practice as The Borderlands.

Imagine you are a time traveller of source spirit. How will you know the self-empowering codes that connect you to the natural world and to your universal experience across time and space, across the dimensions?

All cultures on planet earth were once connected as one. The variety and the unique differences did not matter. The subtle differences did not matter, because human beings have source intelligence. The connector/navigaor to all universal realities is Inner Smile [love]. But human beings, lost in the cave, do not realise this is the navigational signal coming from the heart.

The basic navigational time travelling frequencies are honour, integrity, love, intelligence, awareness, co-operation, sensitivity, observation and compassion.