Sunday, January 20, 2008

Shifts In Seeing

The mind of the Time^Traveller has to be fluid, relaxed, aware and non-attached. As soon as an individual becomes aware they are travelling through interdimensional space [and time is an illusion], the traveller immediately interacts with reality in a new way. This is essentially what makes us who we are: Namely how we interact with our ground reality.

Individuals who abuse the background reality matrix receive [in terms of awareness] what they give out. Such individuals remain caught in an invisible energy sphere of low vibrational clouds. As energy is vital to awareness, such individuals never attain the clarity of mind and purpose to do anything other than interact with the mirrored walls of their own prison. The dellusion of self grandure is, in reality, that the emperor has no clothes. They stand naked before the veil of reality, unseeing, lacking in spirit awareness and losing out on the real wonder and riches of life around them.

Time^Travellers quickly realise they are welcomed guests in an amazing world of mind-body-spirit, and they pay careful attention to their surroundings - consciously acting to stay aware and stay awake. The struggles of mankind take on a grotesque form, as the T^Traveller realises the world around them is not real. Reality is something else, and it takes a silent mind and persistent awareness to understand the true nature of reality: The truth lies within.

The state of the mind remains balanced and pure as the T^Traveller shifts into seeing what is, rather than indulging in the persistent thought chatter of the undisciplined mind.

The sun rose over the field as the crows gathered together in the tall trees bordering the old farm house. A small tree nursery of poplars drew fragile lines across the earth. The large vortex rotated slowly around the primary magnetic field.

There were secondary magnetic fields rotating in clockwise and counter clockwise dimensions. However, the seams connecting the worlds were perfectly sewn with invisible threads of orgone. The transiting vibrations, through a mysterious stillness, could not be detected [even though they were powerfully present].

The rotating vortices were extremely powerful and yet their source presence was undetectable. Elongated egg shaped ripples would appear and disappear like ocean whirlpools indicating source presence of the vortices. The T^Travellers had discovered the entrance and exit to
The Cave.