Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Looking Back

The city was covered in thick smog. The water was heavily polluted. People living inside the city were rich in the human money, but were poor in health. The children of the city people breathing the smog year after year would pass on inherited genetic defects to their grandchildren and to their grandchildren's children. Future generations would look back on this time, and would consider themselves to be the grey-zone inhabitants. Focal T^Travel units allowed people to look back and understand who they were, the mistakes made and why they did nothing to change the way they lived in the sleeping masses incarnations. This education was important for the awakening of the greater awareness of mankind.

Jana turned into a small garden, activated the parameter field and stepped back into his own world closing the primary vortex behind him. He scanned the smooth crystal floor to make sure that nothing had returned with him [usually an insect or two], he liked to collect return objects against the T^Travel Institute Advisory Guidelines. As he walked back through the light-sound resonance field portal the inside of the egg shaped room shimmered with various sequences of spectrum light-tones. The T^Room was clear of all contaminants.

Jana fingered a small white shell he had collected on a journey to the Northern Highlands of Scotia. His mind entered the visionary view from the tall rocky shoreline as he gazed out to sea. It was a time when no humans inhabited the island. The pure vision of the sea cleared his mind of his return to the grey-zone polluted earth of 2010. He placed his study card in the holographic crystal and viewed scenes of dense smog.

The people on earth seemed to be unaware of the coming health catastrophe triggered by the collapse of the global planetary ecology as each unit struggled for its own survival. Jana would have to lead a team further back in time to gather DNA signatures capable of repairing the cultural damage. The root genetic codes were maintained by shifts consciousness. Jana sat back and activated a tone revival of one hopeful inhabitant of earth in the 2010 zone. The sleeping astral form was shaken from his body and immediately appeared inside the interaction field operated by the T^Travel team.

The man appeared shocked and afraid, believing he was still in physical form. Harmonious sounds were automatically activated as the resonator read the astral field undergoing the out-of-the-body experience. A series of psychic tests would evaluate if the astral form was capable of sustaining its own sovereign state through the subsequent interations. The astral form altered its colour and form, the individual had woken up to the background reality.

Jana began sequencing a number of light-sound frequency beat tones. The astral form entered a series of natural shifts. All the dreamer would remember of this encounter would be the sounds mirroring their own journey. The proceedure was successful, the first of the grey-zone occupants had begun to waken up.

Copyright © 2008 by Zen-Su