Friday, July 23, 2010

Navajo Twins

Powerless .. the Fire People invaded their land. destroying their way of life with outward exploding violence and widespread genocide .. nevertheless the power of the Fire People was self-destructive, and this is why it was not accurate power.

Under the red sandy soil only a tiny corner of the book stuck out from the burial ground. Between Mesa Verde (to the East) and Grande Canyon (to the West) .. you just travel up the dead-end-road .. leading nowhere .. other than to the 'twins'. Inlaid turquoise, petroglyphs and ancient arrowheads ..
Navajo Twins, Bluff - Utah

What do they know?
The twins, brother and sister, climbed down to the flat, red, dusty landscape .. where .. under the red sandy soil only a tiny corner of the book stuck out from the burial ground.

If you are twins it is hard to know if I pulled at the corner of the book or if you were the one to tug on the ancient parchment. If men and women are together, does it matter?

The twins carefully uncovered the edge of the book-under-the-earth .. and who knows if the book was under there for thousands of years or if it suddenly appeared there because of the twins? I don't know and you don't know .. all we know is that the book exists!

Who opened the outer cover of the book first, and turned its pages?
If I knew, I would not tell you .. but the fact is the book was opened.
"Power is not external .. " the book read .. "The Fire People will burn out like a candle .. the source of their power will melt away as the wick burns out. Their power is short lived."

The people of the Earth have been contaminated by the spark of the Fire People. Because they used their power outwardly to destroy, they lost their essence, and now they have no power - which is a consequence of abusing the energy of fire. The fire has turned against them, and it will consume them.

Those pages burned like a flame and were extinguished as the twins jumped back from the red canyons book. The next page was golden. It was a beautiful page - so beautiful and so intricate in design that the twins did not want to touch the page.

"Be still and the earth will speak to you."

The twins slowly turned the next page ..
The left hand page was colored with a pale turquoise blue inlay and the right hand page was .. it was empty .. the pages were without words and without language .. this is your brain ..

The twins leaned over the ancient red canyons book as the pages turned to stone - just like a fossil as old as the Earth ..

Real power implodes - it has no direction - has no meaning .. without effort it has no reason to exist. All trees, plants, animals, birds, fish and insects are true power in microcosmic form .. because true power balances creation/destruction so perfectly that life can exist.

The Navajo twins could read the stone, because their minds were part of its creation. Who came first, the twins or the stone? As the sun set the twins folded back into the red stone canyon, facing each other and looking out ..