Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beaver Dam

The small group of men and women climbed above the Chinese Mega-dam on Yarlung Tsangpo river in Tibet. Everyone was silent. Travelers from the 'future', dressed in tight fitting dark green overalls, followed one after the other until they reached the observation point. No one could hide that they hated to be here at this point in the Earth's history. Only two of the time travelling group were free of involvement. The rest of the group had helped plan, finance and build the dams in an 'earlier life'.

Everyone was relieved they would not have to face their asleep and indulgent incarnations; but they did not have to meet them .. the physical evidence stretched out below them in the forms of the ugly dams. There were seven men in the group and two women, apart from two extraterrestrial 'guides' ..

Everyone in the group felt oppressively physically sick apart from the extraterrestrial guides. From time to time they glanced down at the dam they had helped to finance and build (in the distant past) .. the dam was about to break .. they were present because of the effects.

In the future these people knew that the Earth would take apart everything they had done. During the transition, the group incarnations would not personally die as a result of their involvement. Millions of others would die as a direct consequence of their work.

A 'recall shield' had been projected around the group from the future .. they were not here to feel remorse .. they were here to change the future .. because they were a part of the past.

Highly trained and dedicated to their work, the group took their places on the edge of the narrow plateau to correct the mistakes they had made when they were sleeping self rather than living as an undivided part of the Earth.

Nine robed Tibetan priests appeared from the rock walls behind the group. No one approached the priests other than the extraterrestrials. The small group of men and women felt a heavy burden of pressure on them .. they had to draw the last reserve they had to stay calm in this hostile environment. Unless you are inwardly balanced, it is hard not to throw up when you visit this time from the 'future'.

The Tibetan monks were beyond recriminations .. they greeted the extraterrestrials and then greeted the human party. Far below the dam began to break apart .. the noise echoed into the solid rock of the mountains, or the solid rock of the mountains reverberated into the cracking noise splintering through the rock.

It is never easy to hold back from 'judging' against the Alpha Industrial Male and feeling compassion for the human monkeys inhabiting the river banks .. because that is how the Alpha Industrial Male views the humans who live with the birds, fish, trees, plants and animals all along the rivers and shorelines of the Earth.

The Tibetan monks and the extraterrestrials viewed the Alpha Industrial Male in a different light. They saw a "beaver gone wrong" ..

Why does a beaver build a dam? Well, the beavers design the dams according to the size and flow of the river .. sometimes straight and high .. but other times crooked and curved. The problem with the Alpha Industrial Male is that he would not - could not - consult nature.

Returning thousands of years from the 'future', the group already knew that you do not have to DAM a river to make use of its power .. in the future the people on Earth had learned to co-operate with nature .. could learn from the beavers, listen to the rivers, observe the natural flow of water, watch the fish and draw on the wisdom of their own vibrant soul. But today! People are disconnected from the soul.

The Tibetan mountain dam broke, the waters crashed .. the Tibetan priests were chanting .. the group from the future went into high energy awareness as the extraterrestrials waited and observed. The dam further downstream also broke, the next one held .. the monks chanted and the group from the future extended their spiritual force to become part of the river, to become part of the event, to extend into the walls of the dams they once helped to build ..

Perhaps enlightenment is dying to your mistakes ..
perhaps compassion is learning from them?