Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hi-Tech .. Low Consciousness

As viewed from 2113 [Earth Planetary Zone] the T^T historical perspective of the "early years" of the Internet was, Hi-Tech .. Low Consciousness.

Early Internet dwellers were - to 2113 Time Travelers - like early Neolithic era "cave dwellers". See note: Cave Dwellers ... Socrates was a good T^T friend of the 2113 community... he taught us, and we learned...

By 2012, Earth humans had hi-tech Internet capacity across much of the planet. Earth humans gathered at the fire-of-the-internet in the same way Neolithic man gathered at the fire of the caves. Community warmed them .. they grew strong together! Nothing much had changed on Planet Earth from Neolithic times through to 2012...

In Neolithic times, cave dwellers warmed their community spirit around the fire... By 2012, the same cave dwellers warmed their community around the fire of electro-magnetic Cosmos.

As we - Time Travelers of 2113 - observed the community spirit of Neolithic mankind, and the evolving community spirit of Internet mankind, we drew the conclusions that new events were seldom and occurred at random within the herd.

Low Consciousness .. Hi-Tech
Ancient man in the Amazon Forests .. Paleolithic man crossing from China to Europe .. Neolithic man surviving the Ice Age .. Internet man evolving from Internet Hi-Tech to High Consciousness... It was all the same Cosmic consciousness of being, no matter what age the Time Traveler was born in.

The man working with fine obsidian blades .. was the same man working with the cutting edge of the Internet. It was a natural process that we were born from the sharp edge of the cutting mind.

By 2113, we [the Time Travelling Samurai] emerged from the sharp edge of the consciousness of man... From sharp obsidian blades to high-consciousness .. we learned to cut through the lower dimensions in order to access the higher Cosmic dimensions of Universal reality! What changed us?

Love, compassion and the Soul are one...
The Earth changed us!