Sunday, April 29, 2012

Paleo Blue ..

Humans are pathetic!

The tall and slender Time Traveller looked up from the castle walls .. humans are pathetic!

It was the end of April 2012 .. the day was warm .. the air currents spiralled upwards.

Crosswinds hit the cars, making the motorway drivers nervous. The slender and mysterious Time Traveler knew nothing of this. Humans are pathetic!

He looked at me from under the dark brim of his wide black hat .. his eyes shining iridescent blue from beneath the darkness of shade. He smiled an ironic smile, knowing that I could see him.

Humans are pathetic!

The mysterious Time Traveller had watched me climb the timeless stairs to the top of the ancient castle. He studied me as I watched the strange battle overhead. He studied me, as I watched the lesser spotted eagle ride the air currents high above us.


The two giant birds floated high on the warm currents of air spiralling above the forest below. Behind them three gliders were attempting to follow the eagles in search of an up-current. The humans were following the birds.

Humans are pathetic .. the two raptors circled effortlessly in the warm air, as the gliders attempted to steal the birds airspace and natural instincts. I watched the birds and I did not appreciate the sharp turns of the glider pilots attempting to cut into the birds flight paths.

Humans are pathetic .. he said!

I looked sideways as I tried to watch the birds rise higher and higher in the afternoon sky .. his shining iridescent blue eyes smiled like stars from beneath the brim of his black hat .. pathetic!!

The two giant birds climbed effortlessly as the three gliders floated lower and lower. The lesser spotted eagles soared higher in the up currents as the clumsy human gliders dropped below them, until the gliders had to move on. They drifted sideways dropping below the castle walls...

The birds were faster than man, with a natural understanding of flight, magnetic currents and atmospheric lift. The birds feathers were designed to gently touched magnetic air currents. The brim of the Time Traveller's hat was also designed to gently touch magnetic currents.

Paleo Blue
The slender stranger placed the knife on the low castle wall. Paleo Blue .. the blade of the knife was as sharp as the eagles wings. Their wings cut through the magnetism of the air as the knife cut though the magnetism of space and time.

The knife blade looked like a slender feather.

The three gliders fell lower and lower. The two birds soared high beyond acute physical sight. Up and up they soared, until I could no longer see them.

Paleo blue?

The slender Time Traveller disappeared from view, as I picked up the knife from the castle wall.